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Op! Optimistic Interiors


AD100 and Elle D cor A-List Interior Designer Oliver Furth masterfully combines bi-partisan enthusiasm for classical and contemporary influences with California cool, to create sophisticated, livable spaces with relaxed rigor, infused with color and joy.

Known for his timeless approach to design, as well as his irreverent ability to blend different styles and eras seamlessly, Furth combines his expertise in historic decorative arts and contemporary collectible design to create encyclopedic interiors where aristo-irreverence meets West Coast optimism.

A fourth-generation Los Angeles native, Furth's homes conjure something magical, with optimism for the power of design as a guide to life well-lived. His signature style--a mix of freewheeling creativity, scholarly historicism and unabashed joie de vivre--has been applied to an array of homes over the past fifteen years, resulting in interiors full of personality and calibrated elegance that are prized by celebrities, creatives, and collectors.

Furth grounds his interiors with a sense of place and people over trends, considering his collaborators' individuality and the materials, objects, textures that tell their story. His sophisticated eye for color is the antidote to misconceptions of current mass beige-ness.

The first monograph from the internationally celebrated designer, OP Optimistic Interiors shines a light on Furth's ingenious approach, showcasing homes that strike a balance between modernity and tradition, aesthetics and functionality, all while leaving room for self-expression and that most important ingredient: joy.

The cover of this book includes a circular die-cut.