Our Story

To the Modern Nomads who yearn — for answers, for the village, for wonder. 

“Years ago someone told me that Flaubert said the objects we are drawn to are not haphazard, they are material expressions of something intangible but vital that our soul wishes to bring to our attention, they are clues, in other words, and we should decipher them as such." — Claire Louise Bennet

In our years of owning a physical store & searching for kindred objects to create beauty with, this is one process we find ourselves
drawn to again and again. This is only a guide, not a rulebook, to make your search easier to begin.

A Guide for the Modern Nomad

1. Nothing belongs to me yet, and I belong to nothing. I am fearlessly searching with a hunter’s ambition & a traveler’s soul.
2. I’ve identified something that resonates with me. I am focused on understanding it, until I know the reason why.
3. What I have been searching for has revealed itself to me. I am at peace with this new part of myself and welcome it into my home.

A Modern Nomad's Journey

The leopard in our logo symbolizes strength, power, courage, and determination.  It represents the modern nomad's journey, forging a unique path illuminated by a lantern and the moon's gentle glow. The lantern, inspired by Emily Dickinson's quote about self-discovery, is a symbol of personal growth and the tools we carry on our journey. It connects us with nature's wisdom through the moonlight, guiding us with purpose and intention, much like the leopard on its path.

Meet the Founder

Becky Miller

With a mother from Southeast Asia and a father with Eastern European roots, Becky’s parents encouraged her to travel from a young age. She began collecting items from diverse locations around the world, such as France, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Turkey, India, and the UK. Her greatest inspiration comes from interiors and objects with a story to tell, a rich history and a practical function. Her greatest joy is traveling and connecting with people to learn how they experience and create beauty in their everyday lives.

This is the foundation of Modern Nomad Home + Studio; a world of exploration, wonder, beauty and self-discovery.

Visit us

1211 Delaware Street, Denver, CO