The Wine Savant / Khen Glassware

Colored Crystal Martini

Introducing the Muted Martini Glassware Set of 6, a stylish collection of glasses in stunning muted tones. Each glass stands at 7 inches tall, has a 4.6-inch diameter, and holds 10 ounces of liquid. This set is the perfect choice for summer martini enthusiasts, and makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. The set features glasses in muted red, orange, green, beige, blue, and grey, adding a touch of elegance to your martini experience. With their refined colors, these glasses create a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance, perfect for the upcoming warmer seasons. Crafted with precision, these martini glasses offer both style and functionality. The 10-ounce capacity allows for the perfect martini serving, while the 4.6-inch diameter provides space for garnishes and enhances the visual appeal. Standing at 7 inches tall, these glasses are comfortable to hold and make a statement on any tabletop. The Muted Martini Glassware Set of 6 is a fantastic gift option.