Chile Dulce

Thai Chile White Wine Hot Sauce

Thai Chile White Wine Hot Sauce: Enjoy the flavors of the East with the mouthwatering spice of Thai chiles and smooth, dry white wine.  Sweet and savory with rich complex flavors, you’d never believe this Thai chili hot sauce consists of such few ingredients.  Intense Thai chili peppers, aged dry white wine vinegar, cane sugar, and sea salt unite into a light and luscious Thai chili sauce with a soft lingering heat that calls you back for more.   Chile Dulce’s Thai Chili Unique Hot Sauce is fantastic on Paella, Pad Thai, burgers, stewed chicken, Barbacoa gyros, roasted veggies, curries, soups, and anything and everything in between.  Artisan made local hot sauce  cooked with quality fresh ingredients in Charleston, SC.