Asemi Co.

Shigaraki-yaki Blue

Large: 70 x 100mm (approx. 230ml) / Weight: 240g Small: 70 x 60mm (approx. 100ml) / Weight: 160g Shigaraki-yaki is one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns. Together with Bizen, Tamba, Echizen, Seto, and Tokoname, it is considered to be one of the most important historical Japanese pottery production areas. Our pottery is made by various artisans who represent their traditional regional pottery style. Each piece is made carefully by hand using natural clay and glazes. Asemi Co.'s Shigaraki-yaki cups come in two different finishes - "Scarlet" and "Blue". All Asemi Co. cups are made in the same contemporary shape, creating a collection where different pottery types can be combined with each other.