Kitchen Knife - KOTAI Kiritsuke (Chef Knife) + Gift box

*Perfect for a Christmas Gift* Kiristuke 切り付け (chef knife), 21 cm blade. The Kiritsuke can perform versatile functions and is the favorite go-to knife for many Japanese chefs. In fact, in most fine restaurants only the head chef is allowed to use them, therefore the Kiritsuke is often considered to be a symbol of expertise and status. 100% handmade. Ultra-sharp Japanese 440C high-carbon stainless steel. Hidden full tang. Ebony handle. HRC hardness: 59-60. Weight: 190g. Perfectly balanced. Stainless. Wooden Saya (sheath or blade cover) included with each knife. Lifetime warranty. The signature octagonal handle is made of rare ebony wood, a beautiful dark natural wood famous for its hardness and ability to age well. The Kiritsuke features a Tsuchime (hammered) blade for aesthetics and performance, and a hidden full tang for optimal balance and durability.