Asemi Co.

Iga-yaki Cup Grey

Large: 70 x 100mm (approx. 230ml) / Weight: 260g Small: 70 x 60mm (approx. 100ml) / Weight: 160g Iga-Yaki cups are a perfect & unique combination of timeless design and the oldest form of Japanese pottery. A true handmade Wabi-Sabi beauty with over 1200 years of history, perfectly suited for your unique experience of tea, coffee or other beverages. This version comes with a speckled dark clay and light grey glaze. Tiny pebbles inside the gaerome clay give our cups their distinctive rough look. Glazed or unglazed - each of our cups has their own unique character. Our pottery is made by various artisans who represent their traditional regional pottery style. All are made in the same contemporary shape, creating a collection where different pottery types can be combined with each other.