Bunka Santoku - 170 mm blade

Bunka Santoku, 17 cm blade. The Bunka Santoku is the more traditional equivalent of the Santoku: a versatile knife ideal for chopping vegetables and fruits, slicing through meats, and preparing fish (everything except bones and frozen foods). Bunka (文化) means “culture” in Japanese. The name derives from its traditional use in making cultural cuisine in Japanese homes. Just like the common Santoku, the Bunka has a tall and flat blade profile; however, their blade tips are shaped very differently. Bunka knives are recognisable from their “reverse Tanto” profile, also called “K-tip”, which makes them more precise than a classic rounded blade. Japanese precision, Western robustness. The best of both worlds. * 100% handmade * Ultra-sharp Japanese 440C high-carbon stainless steel * Hidden full tang * Ebony handle * HRC hardness: 60 +/-1 * Weight: 170g * Perfectly balanced * Stainless * Bamboo Saya (sheath or blade cover) included with each knife * Lifetime warranty