Temple of the Sun Jewelry

Amulet Necklace Gold


The Amulet Necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil is named after the small pieces of jewellery worn throughout history to bestow protection. A delicate polished gold hand with eye symbol are both ancient motifs of protection, while the Blue Sapphire stone used to represent the eye is known for wisdom, intuition and spirituality. The Amulet Necklace Gold is a delicate piece to provide protection and adorn every day.

Stone Properties

Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with wisdom, knowledge and insight. Considered sacred across many cultures, its celestial blue hues mirror the night sky. Forever associated with loyalty and commitment, sapphires are traditionally used as a loving expression of devotion.

Temple Jewelery

All of our Jewelery is hand-made according to the highest quality and our craftsmen are certified to meet global standards of environmental and social responsibility. Each piece of jewelery comes in its own luxury Temple of the Sun wallet with one gift box per order.