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15 Strand Indian Naga Necklace


Naga jewelry is beautiful, complex, and yet orderly. It is made from materials that include: glass, shell, stone, teeth, claws, horns, bone, wood seeds hair and various fibers.The Naga incorporate these materials into pendants, necklaces, shoulder and breast ornaments, belts ornaments, cuffs, bracelets, leggings, weapons and weapon holders.

Glass beads make up the primary parts of Naga jewelry. Most glass beads used by the Naga are made by Indians from Assam. Occasionally, some older beads may be featured in Naga necklaces such as Venetians and Czech beads from Europe. Additionally, the Naga use carnelian beads and cowrie shells from Knambhat or Cambay in Gujarat.

40" long, 20" drop


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