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20X20 Hand Woven Outdoor Mickey Pillow

The Mickey pillow lives up to its name with it's fun, quirky stripes. Woven stripes in blue and white vary in size and weight and are accented by a row of thick white pulled yarns. Featuring quirky, thread wrapped tassels on each corner make this pillow. Suitable both indoors and out and made of recycled PET plastic with quality you can feel. -This 20" pillow is a great base for layering and is made with UV stabilized yarns. -With the environment in mind, these recycled plastic textiles are made in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic pollution. Plastic bottles are transformed into plastic chips that are then made into dyed yarns. In addition to contributing to this sustainability effort, these textiles are also just as comfortable and cozy as our indoor textiles. -Our pillows are handloomed by Indian artisans using techniques passed down through generations. -Made with a built-to-last quality, the easy care cleaning is perfect for outdoors, or indoors especially with kids or pets